Hi! Ready to try our

Augmented Reality


How to use the AR:

  1. Make sure you have a good internet connection! 
  2. Click the “try it” button from a mobile device or computer.
  3. Accept the camera permissions.
  4. Point the device’s camera at the Image(s)
  5. Keep the image(s) inside the AR digital border.
  6. Watch the pages come to life!*
  7. Like it? Please let us know on our FB &/or IG!
  8. Is there a specific theme(s) you’d like us to create? Tell us!

Here’s a Handy List of Polyblox Items Enhanced with AR:

Bookmark this page! We’ll change the AR on your images periodically and we’ll add new learning products often!


-Wordbook 1

-Wordbook 2


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