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With Polyblox we can start conversations, educate minds and open hearts for a lifetime.

Become a SOJI campaign supporter to strengthen our Polyblox efforts to prevent prejudice toward those who learn differently or simply are different. Our mission is a kinder world through empathy in literacy learning. Polyblox SOJI is the Spirit of Joyful Inclusion!

Polyblox wants to do well and do good! The SOJI campaign (Spirit of Joyful Inclusion) has a goal of generating 2,000 donations of $100 to raise funds for the purchase of equipment to manufacture Polyblox at the MacDonald Training Center (MTC) in Tampa and to provide needed funds to OCA.


You have our thanks! SOJI Superheroes will receive a 1) desk ornament made from Polyblox totems that spell something significant to the donor (e.g. company name, mantra, etc.). The SOJI word or picture can be used in a 2) recognition post on the SOJI Superhero page of SOJI Superheroes can also download a 3) digital badge for use in social media signifying they support joyful inclusion BUT BEST OF ALL…Polyblox will apply your donation to two wonderful non-profit organizations that serve  adults with special needs:
  • $75.00 of the donation will help fund the purchase of manufacturing equipment for MTC.
  • $25.00 of the donation to be given to O.C.A. for helping with the SOJI Campaign fulfillment.
Want to do even MORE SOJI Super-hero goodness? Please feel free to add to your donation and/or help us spread the word by sharing our campaign link!